[Scribus] line spacing, sections, and styles

Peter Dinnan pral
Fri May 19 04:58:29 CEST 2006

Hi Michael,

On Friday 19 May 2006 12:18, Michael Koren wrote:
> Thanks Peter for the detailed explanation. :) That helps me understand the
> baseline approach to text spacing.
> tegan wrote:
> > 1) I always use different layers for body text, headings and depending on
> > the
> > subs (font point size), a different layer for those as well. Also, I use
> > different layers for graphics, keylines, pdf import and so on...  it's a
> > good
> > habit and I suggest doing so   :-)
> I'm curious why you put headings in different layers, just to organize
> them, or is it easier to work with that way?

I'm used to InDesign (CS). If a layer(s) isn't/aren't locked then any object 
can be selected even if the layer isn't highlighted (that is, active).

With Scribus, it's not a problem because only objects on an active layer can 
be selected.

Also, as you suggested - organization and easier (try laying out a 144 page 
magazine)   ;-)   

> tegan wrote:
> > 4) To manually change the leading (it's quite trendy in my country to
> > close it
> > right up), highlight the text you want to shift, go into Text on the
> > Properties Pallette and use the Offset box (top right side).
> What do you mean here by "close it up" exactly? Do you mean between the
> text and the heading (i.e., shift up the entire body text)?
I was refering to reducing the leading - when there's two or more lines of 
heading text. It's quite trendy to reduce the space between the lines. That's 
one reason why it's a good idea to put headings in a different text frame 
(away from body text).

You can bring text right up to the heading  - Why not!  ...design is design, 
is design - give it a go.  note: no one will like it unless you're a well 
known trendy designer... and then they'll think it's cool    ;-) 

Oh, one thing - With headings, if you're going to have a play with 'trendy 
leading', for continuity anchor one of the lines on the baseline (usually the 
last line - but not always).


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