[Scribus] line spacing, sections, and styles

Michael Koren kung42o
Fri May 19 02:18:17 CEST 2006

Thanks Peter for the detailed explanation. :) That helps me understand the
baseline approach to text spacing.

tegan wrote:
> 1) I always use different layers for body text, headings and depending on
> the 
> subs (font point size), a different layer for those as well. Also, I use 
> different layers for graphics, keylines, pdf import and so on...  it's a
> good 
> habit and I suggest doing so   :-)

I'm curious why you put headings in different layers, just to organize them,
or is it easier to work with that way?

I guess this highlights the different kinds of formatting needed for
different types of publications, because I usually have multiple sections
with subheadings that need to flow together as one passage--as opposed to a
single headline at the beginning of a newspaper article. That means I don't
really have the option to put headers in separate frames anyway, whether I
wanted to or not.

tegan wrote:
> 4) To manually change the leading (it's quite trendy in my country to
> close it 
> right up), highlight the text you want to shift, go into Text on the 
> Properties Pallette and use the Offset box (top right side).

What do you mean here by "close it up" exactly? Do you mean between the text
and the heading (i.e., shift up the entire body text)?

Thanks again,

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