[Scribus] greyscale, bleed, and PDF/X-3

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sun May 14 23:08:58 CEST 2006

Gustavo Homem napisa?(a):
> Bleed is an extra area on document used to compensate for cutting 
> imprecisions.
> For example look at this PDF:
> http://people.angulosolido.pt/~gustavo/temp/desktop-bleed-me.pdf
> The page height is 307mm, which means A4 height + 1cm. 
> This extra cm is not desired on a version for viewing but it is needed on a 
> version for printing, because the document is printed over a white page, and 
> any cutting imprecision might lead to a white stripe appearing where we 
> should only see blue.
> So, to use bleed you must:
> Define a document page size which is larger than the final document. Use 
> margins to delimit the "real" working area. Let the coloured elements on the 
> edges of the document extend to the extra area outside the margins.
> In this way cutting imprecisions will not be noticed.
> In the above example bleed was only used on top and bottom, but depending on 
> your printer you may or may not need to use it on the four sides.
> Best regards
> Gustavo

Gustavo, I've just added your explanations to our wiki article on "Bleed
workarounds" (made by Louis a while ago).


Please feel free to add more of your stuff if needed. Need a Wiki account?



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