[Scribus] using scribus and 1.3.3 on the same document

Nik scribus
Thu May 11 10:25:17 CEST 2006

Hi All,

As part of solving a more general problem, I have been testing using 
scribus 1.3.3 to open a document created with Scribus The basic 
plan is to work with Scribus 1.2.4 for its stability, but use scribus 
1.3.3 for output only, to use its ability to generate a greyscale PDF 
from a colour base document.

I have noticed that the output from scribus 1.3.3 differs from that 
produced by scribus 1.2.4 in more than just colour. Basically, certain 
lines of text are rendered higher up the page in 1.3.3 than they are in 
1.2.4, causing them to be off-center within boxes, to clip (slightly) 
lines above, or to almost touch horizontal lines that originally 
separated various pieces of text.

My question is: Is this anything of concern to the developers? I am 
happy to provide PDF output, and the SLA file if people desire. 
Otherwise, if this is seen as an acceptable part of the migration from 
1.2 to 1.4, then I am happy to make my own arrangements to work around 
this issue.

All comments welcome.


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