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> The response frm the printer is that they require bleed. I am currently
> waiting on a reply from the printer for more precise details, but I note
> that under the PDF/X-3 options, there is a trim box which controls page
> bleed settings. If this is the bleed that the printer is referring to,
> then it seems I have two contradictory requirements from the printer.
> Q: What is my best course of action to produce a PDF for the printer
> which has both bleed and greyscale?

Bleed is an extra area on document used to compensate for cutting 

For example look at this PDF:


The page height is 307mm, which means A4 height + 1cm. 

This extra cm is not desired on a version for viewing but it is needed on a 
version for printing, because the document is printed over a white page, and 
any cutting imprecision might lead to a white stripe appearing where we 
should only see blue.

So, to use bleed you must:

Define a document page size which is larger than the final document. Use 
margins to delimit the "real" working area. Let the coloured elements on the 
edges of the document extend to the extra area outside the margins.

In this way cutting imprecisions will not be noticed.

In the above example bleed was only used on top and bottom, but depending on 
your printer you may or may not need to use it on the four sides.

Best regards

> Any and all responses gratefully accepted.
> Cheers!
> Nik.
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