[Scribus] pantone colors on scribus (summary)

Florence Gaillaguet florence.gaillaguet
Sat May 6 15:58:39 CEST 2006


Thank you Gustavo and others for this article. However, I am still confused
about something. I am French and a DTP beginner, so I probably didn't
understand everything in the previous messages posted yesterday.
When I did my 2 colors brochure, the main problem was about color
separation. When the printer opened the PDF with his software, he told me
that it was a 4 colors/CMYK document (even if I used only 2 colors, he could
only print it as a CMYK doc). That is why I replaced the original colors by
two primary colors. I have to say that I didn't check the "spot colors" box
in the color menu, because I wasn't aware of the printing spot colors
My question is : if I had checked "spot colors" and followed the correct
method, would the printer be able to do the color separation, eg without
replacing the original colors by primary ones?
I hope this is clear, I am not sure I am using the appropriate terms. Thank
you in advance for your answers.

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