[Scribus] pantone colors on scribus (summary)

Craig Ringer craig
Sat May 6 11:49:18 CEST 2006

Gustavo Homem wrote:

> Spot colors may be desired for [several] reasons:
> - economy: if the document to print contains less than the number of primary 
> (4 in the case of CMYK) it may be less expensive to use spot colors than to 
> render them as a mixture of the primaries.

extra: This is often used in newsprint, where advertisers may be able to 
use only black and red, for example.

> - quality: it isn't allways possible equal a certain color with a mixture of 
> inks

That arguably needs to be broken up into two:

Consistency: A spot colour lets the printer guarantee a much more 
accurate match to a specific real-world colour. For this reason spot 
colours are often used for things like corporate logos, where 
consistency and accurate matching is important.

Special inks: Using spot colours permits the printing of designs that 
use special colours or inks that can't be represented in CMYK. The most 
common examples are out-of-gamut colours (like some very saturated blues 
and oranges) and metallic inks (gold, silver, copper print, etc), but 
other inks, such as flourescent inks, also exist.

I really like your further explanation of spot colours and PANTONE, 
especially re on-screen rep etc. I'd love to see that in the Scribus 

Craig Ringer

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