[Scribus] pantone colors on scribus (summary)

Gustavo Homem gustavo
Sat May 6 16:58:50 CEST 2006


On Saturday 06 May 2006 14:58, Florence Gaillaguet wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank you Gustavo and others for this article. However, I am still confused
> about something. I am French and a DTP beginner, so I probably didn't
> understand everything in the previous messages posted yesterday.
> When I did my 2 colors brochure, the main problem was about color
> separation. When the printer opened the PDF with his software, he told me
> that it was a 4 colors/CMYK document (even if I used only 2 colors, he
> could only print it as a CMYK doc). 

If you don't mark them as spot colors, they will be defined in terms of RGB or 
CMYK value sets, depending on the color space chosen for that color on 
Scribus.  In your case each of the colors you used on the document got 
defined as a set of 4 CMYK values. Thus the PDF was a 4 color document. 

Even if you had used primary colors only, the PDF would still be a 4 color 
document, but in this particular case the values of each unused primary would 
allways be 0.

> That is why I replaced the original 
> colors by two primary colors. I have to say that I didn't check the "spot
> colors" box in the color menu, because I wasn't aware of the printing spot
> colors process.
> My question is : if I had checked "spot colors" and followed the correct
> method, would the printer be able to do the color separation, eg without
> replacing the original colors by primary ones?

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