[Scribus] Scribus Indic Malayalam Script support

Zbigniew Szalbot admin
Sat May 6 10:49:42 CEST 2006

Hi there again,

> There is that plan when Scribus is capable, however if you set up the
> TOC from the beginning it is pretty quick. It will depend on your
> document type of course, however I know that I can create the TOC for
> my 32 page magazine in about 10 mins with the current method. The
> current method allows many variations of adding some type of
> variable(s) to a frame for a lot of automation and can be very
> powerful if set up appropriately.      

Yes, I totally agree. I was testing on a document for which I had no need to
use a TOC at all. And I know that planned work saves time :)

I know this present system can be - and in fact is - used but it seems to be
error-prone. If I had an option to select a value from the dropdown (a value
being simply the content of a particular frame), then it would be less work
and more happiness :) Suppose I attribute TOC to a frame called
Introduction. So I manually type Introduction as the TOC value. But what if
I later decide to change the text frame to say Preface rather than
Introduction? Should I forget to update the TOC value, I will have Preface
in the document and Introduction in the TOC. 

Having said that, please do not take it as criticism. I am very impressed
with Scribus and people behind it.

Warm regards,

Zbigniew Szalbot

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