[Scribus] Font problem - Bitstream type 1 not working

Peter Haraldson peterharaldson
Fri May 5 11:25:41 CEST 2006

> 2) If Bitstream Type1 is no good - then what can I trust, how do I
> know?

> I would be very interested to take a look at these fonts to check what
> goes wrong.
> You're shure they are unmodified from Bitstream?
> Please file a _private_ bug at http://bugs.scribus.net and upload one
> or more
> of those fontfiles. Also describe exactly how you generated your PDF:
> export to PDF,
> embed all fonts, don't subset?
> As a workaround you can subset all fonts.
> /Andreas

First of all - how do I "file a _private_ bug"? I can report an issue,
but there's nothing about private? Don't know if it has to be private,
but the fonts are of course not freeware.
And subsetting - it shouldn't really be used, should it? I'm really more
interrested in a final solution - be it a fix or in the worst place,
having to discard my fonts.

Now I've done some tests, here are the results:

My printer: HP Laserjet 4MPlus, not PS, driver:Laserjet4Foomatic+hpijs
Distro's: Mandriva2006 and Debian 3.1
Scribus versions: and, in Debian also 1.2.2cvs
Test: Create small textdocument in Scribus, export to pdf with "embed
all fonts" none subset, open pdf in kghostview, print -> preview or send
to printer.
Debian sarge, ghostscript 7.07: No errors, prints fine.
Mandriva 2006, ghostscript 8.15: Takes ages to print/create preview,
"Embedded font uses undefined procedure RD"
"Embedded font uses undefined procedure ND"
(the two lines repeated a zillion times - I used 3 fonts)
Followed by:
"  **** This file had errors that were repaired or ignored.
   **** The file was produced by:
   **** >>>> Libpdf for Scribus <<<<
   **** Please notify the author of the software that produced this
   **** file that it does not conform to Adobe's published PDF
   **** specification.

kdecore (KAction): WARNING: KAction::plugAccel(): call to deprecated
action." (repeated some 10 times).

This also happens with the pdf created in Debian(gs7.07), opened in
It does not happen with pdf created in Mandriva (gs8.15), opened in
I'm utterly confused! Is it actually not the fonts, but ghostscript
8.15? But then when it's created with 8.15 it works fine on my computer,
viewed/printed by gs 7.07 - on commercial printer it doesn't work?
Next step I guess is sending a pdf created in 7.07 to commercial
printer, see what happens. Or any other suggestions?

Of course, I don't really know if it's the kghostview-error that causes
the problems for commercial printer - but it's the only error I get.
Commercial printer gets no error messages at all, it just doesn't print.
Creating a pdf without Bitstreams Type1-fonts = no error & it prints.
(All programs loaded from terminal.)

Commercial printer replies: We do not place it in Quark, we processed it
directly against our printers. 2 tried, both PS-printers.
(When I was there, he used Acrobat 5 on Mac - no errors reported, but it
didn't print.)

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