[Scribus] pantone colors

Peter Čuhalev skatey
Fri May 5 10:37:13 CEST 2006

Gustavo Homem wrote:

>I think most things are now clear, regarding what I wanted to understand.
>Best regards
> This discussion was very helpful, thanks a lot.

Gustavo if you need specific proof. I use scribuses pdf output with 
2spot colours for duotone everymonth.
The pdf is generated, all i do is tell them the pantone colours to 
switch those 2spots, as i usually only later look at the actual colour i 

It all works, they don't have a problem printing and everything, and i 
get the pantone colours i wanted.

example: http://www.kiberpipa.org/~skatey/tisk/cp_apr06_Tisk.pdf as 
wierd as it looks it was later printed cyan to green [P 560U], and black 
to greenish-yellow [P 361U].

so it works ;)


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