[Scribus] Presentation and pdf export problem (file too big ?)

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Mar 27 11:25:58 CEST 2006

On Monday 27 March 2006 11:18, Aurelien Roux wrote:
> Hi !
> I'm called Aur?lien, I live in France and am currently in PhD in
> Acoustics and Signal and Information Processing.
> I play music and take part in a lot of associative things around music
> and art. I use scribus in that way to create CD's cover, or flyers, and
> so on.
> I'm using scribus-cvs under Debian SID (currently scribus-cvs 1.3.3), on
> a laptop that is a Celeron 2GHz, with 256DDR, 200Go HDD, and a sis
> integrated video card. I should say it's sometimes quite hard and long
> !!!
> Here's my problem today (I did alreay come on irc channel, but today, I
> can't !) :
> I'm publishing a picture to announce a concert. This picture is 400mm
> wide for 600mm height, CMJN (CMYK, is it ?), at 300dpi.
> There are 5 layers in the scribus file, one contains the picture on which
> I'm supposed to work, whos height is 7300px and width is 4866px. It's a
> tif file in CMYK.
> The others layers just contains several texts, and picture, which are
> quite small.
> I've to say that the tif file weights 102Mo !
> My publication has now ended, but I didn't convince the society who will
> print it to use scribus, and I've to export the file to a pdf file.
> I've tried it, but anyway, it doesn't work. A bad allocation, it says,
> in the log. Not more. I've tried to reduce the size (in px) of the big
> picture, and I managed to export it, but as I'm to the right size, it
> won't.
> I don't know if that comes from my laptop, or is well-known, or what.
> I can send someone the file, I've got a big network, if that helps (I
> can put it all on a ftp server).
> Hope you did understand my problem, and will help me in managing it !

If you make a new directory, then go File->Collect for output, and include 
fonts, then make a zip or tar.bz2 of the directory and place it somewhere 
online where I can access it via http or ftp I can try here. Please reply off 
list with the address.

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