[Scribus] Presentation and pdf export problem (file too big ?)

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Mar 28 01:43:41 CEST 2006

Aurelien Roux wrote:

>I've to say that the tif file weights 102Mo !
>My publication has now ended, but I didn't convince the society who will
>print it to use scribus, and I've to export the file to a pdf file.
>I've tried it, but anyway, it doesn't work. A bad allocation, it says,
>in the log. Not more. I've tried to reduce the size (in px) of the big
>picture, and I managed to export it, but as I'm to the right size, it
That pretty much guarantees that the issue is memory. Scribus may demand 
a fairly serious amount of RAM when exporting large images. If the 
system runs out of memory, a bad_alloc exception is thrown, calling 
terminate() and killing the program with a signal 6 because we don't 
catch the exception.

If you have Scribus set to resample the images, turn that option off 
during PDF export and see if you have any more luck. Failing that, the 
only workarounds I know of are to add more swap to the system (slow!), 
more memory, or use a smaller image. It's possible that using a 
high-quality JPEG original rather than a tiff, and telling Scribus not 
to resample the images, may also work, but I suspect that'll only help 
where the image is in the same colour format and colour space as the output.

Craig Ringer

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