[Scribus] TIFF is an unsupported file format?

gewilit at gmx.de gewilit
Thu Mar 23 10:56:03 CET 2006

Hi fred,

so far so god: I found in my version c * * F C - what does it mean and how can 
I compile it with tiff support and what eles is missing? I took the 
tar.gz-files from the scribus download site.. Do I have to use others?
> May be your Scribus was not compiled with Tiff support.
> You can check this by going to Help->About Scribus
> At the bottom of the About dialog there is a build ID which should look
> like C-C-T-F-C (for 1.3.x version).  The T is for Tiff support. If you have
> a * instead of the T, then you don't have built-in support for Tiff.
> Fred.

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