[Scribus] TIFF is an unsupported file format?

fredd effediwhy
Thu Mar 23 10:24:53 CET 2006

On 3/23/06, John Jason Jordan <johnxj at comcast.net> wrote:
> OK, this is ridiculous. Clearly I must be doing something wrong.
> I have a two-page course syllabus I want to send to a fellow student. I
> scanned it with XSane and saved the the files as TIFF. The files are
> Syllabus0001.tiff and Syllabus0002.tiff on my hard disk. They look fine in
> XSane.
> So then I tried to make them into one PDF file. I figured I'd place each
> file on a separate page in a Scribus document, then export as PDF. Piece of
> cake, right?
> Hah! Scribus happily imported them, but the image does not appear on
> screen. "OK," I figure. "Maybe this is one of those non-GUI things. I'll
> just export from Scribus as PDF and see what the PDF looks like." So I did.
> And the PDF is as blank as the Scribus document.
> OK, maybe the problem is in the TIFF file. I fiddled around for a bit and
> decide to change the extension from TIFF to tif. But no go. Scribus still
> doesn't see them as placeable files.


May be your Scribus was not compiled with Tiff support.
You can check this by going to Help->About Scribus
At the bottom of the About dialog there is a build ID which should look like
C-C-T-F-C (for 1.3.x version).  The T is for Tiff support. If you have a *
instead of the T, then you don't have built-in support for Tiff.

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