[Scribus] Printing tabloid landscape to Laserjet 5SiMx - Help!

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Mar 11 08:45:45 CET 2006

John Jordan wrote:

> So then I put the 11x17 back in the manual feed tray, opened tray 
> 2, and resent the print job. Alas, it still printed portrait. So this tells 
> me that Scribus has the tray assignments screwed up. It thinks 
> tray 1 (manual feed) is portrait and there is nothing that will 
> convince it otherwise. For tray 2 it will accept software 
> assignments.

While there are certainly issues with printing from Scribus, I'd 
actually be surprised if this was a Scribus issue (or solely so, at 
least). It sounds like it could well be a CUPS / libcupsclient issue 
and/or a broken PPD.

I certainly agree that linux printing in general, and PostScript 
printing from Scribus, do need work. Linux printing does indeed have a 
long way to go. Printing - on all operating systems - is an excruciating 
misery that wastes more of my time as a sysadmin than any other single 
task/component. Linux is worse than the other two major platforms though 
IMO, particularly with set-up and user interface, and CUPS certainly 
needs work.

> In the meantime, I exported as PDF and used PDF Viewer instead 
> of Adobe Reader.

With regards to Adobe Reader, the most recent release has a sensible 
print dialog (at last!).

Craig Ringer

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