[Scribus] EPS image

PLinnell mrdocs
Sun Mar 5 01:25:45 CET 2006

On Saturday 04 March 2006 21:56, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> PLinnell wrote:
> > We resolved this via IRC and it was an issue of an old
> > Ghostscript 7.07. Upgrading to 8.53 fixed it.
> While we're on the subject, is there a command while configuring to
> tell make where to find my 8.53 gs? I don't see enough to help me
> in './configure --help'. As it is, I just set the gs location after
> I've installed Scribus.

This is a runtime issue. ./configure merely checks for the presence 
and version of the default Ghostscript. e.g First one found by your 
$path settings.

> And also, while I'm talking about configure, over the last couple
> of days I've been loading up a new laptop, and eventually went
> through a series of configures to get all the packages. On the
> surface it was confusing, but eventually it clicked: in the little
> messages at the end, configure will say something like , 'CUPS
> installed:  NO' when actually what's missing is cups-devel; same
> with lcms and some of the others. Maybe this could be spelled out
> for the novices to avoid less anguish. I know this is all in the
> documentation on the site and probably in the package as well, but
> it would seem any shortcut for the info would be useful for many.
> Greg

Yes, there are at least three places on docs.scribus.net and 
everything needed is in the sources. 

I do not know how we could be more complete in the BUILDING and readme 
files. Both Craig Ringer and I listed *every* single package and 
minimum version by their exact name for Debian, Fedora and Suse in 
those files, both mandatory and optional ones.

The problem with adding too much to ./configure is you can overload 
with too much info and it is a maintenance chore.

Everyone of the devs has had their episode of dealing with 
autohell ;-) It is not fun.


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