[Scribus] EPS image

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Mar 5 02:15:08 CET 2006

PLinnell wrote:
> On Saturday 04 March 2006 21:56, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> PLinnell wrote:
>>> We resolved this via IRC and it was an issue of an old
>>> Ghostscript 7.07. Upgrading to 8.53 fixed it.
>> While we're on the subject, is there a command while configuring to
>> tell make where to find my 8.53 gs? I don't see enough to help me
>> in './configure --help'. As it is, I just set the gs location after
>> I've installed Scribus.
> This is a runtime issue. ./configure merely checks for the presence 
> and version of the default Ghostscript. e.g First one found by your 
> $path settings.
>> And also, while I'm talking about configure, over the last couple
>> of days I've been loading up a new laptop, and eventually went
>> through a series of configures to get all the packages. On the
>> surface it was confusing, but eventually it clicked: in the little
>> messages at the end, configure will say something like , 'CUPS
>> installed:  NO' when actually what's missing is cups-devel; same
>> with lcms and some of the others. Maybe this could be spelled out
>> for the novices to avoid less anguish. I know this is all in the
>> documentation on the site and probably in the package as well, but
>> it would seem any shortcut for the info would be useful for many.
>> Greg
> Yes, there are at least three places on docs.scribus.net and 
> everything needed is in the sources. 
> I do not know how we could be more complete in the BUILDING and readme 
> files. Both Craig Ringer and I listed *every* single package and 
> minimum version by their exact name for Debian, Fedora and Suse in 
> those files, both mandatory and optional ones.
What I was wondering was whether the message at the end could say, 
CUPS/CUPS-devel installed:   YES/NO
It wasn't bothering me so much, since I've been through this before, but 
it's easy to see how someone trying to figure it out could get frustrated.
But at least there isn't the RTFM attitude.


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