[Scribus] Best way to explore Scribus Code

Riku Leino tsoots
Fri Mar 3 04:07:25 CET 2006

Asif Lodhi wrote:
> QT.  Basically, I know nothing about the _DTP_ domain in the first
> place!  So, my question is:  if a C++ developer knows absolutely
> nothing about the problem domain (i.e. doesn't have the basic
> concepts: crop marks, line-screen, etc.) then how can s/he get up to
> speed with Scribus programming without wasting much time?

DTP skills are not needed to be able to contribute to the project. I started 
myself with a plugin api and writing some simple things like "New from 
template"/"Save as template" plugins which helped me to get into Scribus' 
code world (and which didn't require any special DTP skills). Now I've done 
some more things and am still sad to say I don't know that much about DTP but 
that hasn't prevented me from coding. If you aren't intrested in writing 
plugins or don't have anything special in your mind there's a roadmap 
available at wiki from where you could browse some ideas what to do or just 
search the bug tracker.

> By the same token, can I ask source-code related questions here on
> this list if I am stuck somewhere?  Or may I know who to contact for
> help/pointers on any specific portion of code?

I'd say irc is a better place for this. When you're coding and hit a problem 
you could just ask in irc and get a direct answer. Usually there are Scribus 
devs there who'll be able to answer you. Not sure what people would think if 
this list was used for dev questions. Although we don't have any language 
restriction here so I guess c++ and friends would be quite ok. At least I 
wouldn't mind.

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