[Scribus] Best way to explore Scribus Code

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Fri Mar 3 03:44:47 CET 2006

Hi Scribus Developers,

Out of my sheer liking for Scribus (yes!  I like Scribus:) I want to
explore Scribus code (in my free time, of course - which means too
little time) to see how (and where) I can contribute.  Basically, my
C++ (and programming in general) is mature but I know absoutely
_nothing_ about programming in these areas:  DTP in general, fonts,
postscript /ghostscript, and languages/translation stuff (I have only
developed English-only programs so far!).  My question boils down to: 
is there any resource available for a C++ programmer to get up to
speed with Scribus programming?  What to look for specifically?  
Which areas to take care of first?  etc., etc.  Since there is a _lot_
of QT documentation available, I am talking about other things except
QT.  Basically, I know nothing about the _DTP_ domain in the first
place!  So, my question is:  if a C++ developer knows absolutely
nothing about the problem domain (i.e. doesn't have the basic
concepts: crop marks, line-screen, etc.) then how can s/he get up to
speed with Scribus programming without wasting much time?

By the same token, can I ask source-code related questions here on
this list if I am stuck somewhere?  Or may I know who to contact for
help/pointers on any specific portion of code?

Any help?

Best regards,


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