[Scribus] Q; Why does import from Inkscape/SVG look so different in Scribus?

D. R. Evans doc.evans
Mon Jun 12 20:22:45 CEST 2006

I created a title page (i.e., a single, simple page) for a 6"x9" book using
Inkscape. If anyone cares, I've put it at:

So I have a very simple question: when I "Import" this into a 6" x 9"
Scribus document, it looks completely different than the way it looks when
I view it in Inkscape:

1. I can't see the text or the pistol on the screen, just what appear to be
bounding boxes for the text.

2. When I print it, the pistol does not print.

3. When I print it, there is a dotted line going from northwest to
southeast in the southeast quadrant.

4. When I print it, the name is split over two lines, even though in the
original SVG it is all on one line.

This is my first time of using both Inkscape and Scribus. Obviously, I'm
doing something majorly wrong, but I don't know what :-(

  Doc Evans

PS I figured that doing the title page would be simple, and then I could
move to building a full-colour cover. Obviously, I have much more to learn
than I thought I did :-)

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