[Scribus] Maintaining text with scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jun 12 18:24:49 CEST 2006

Marc de Banville wrote:
> Thanks Greg,
> I am going to use it right now, hoping all my text frames start with 
> "Text". The point is that I am looking for a kind of tool that would 
> allow importing back the file into scribus once corrected, for instance.
This is probably "do-able", but the coding might be tricky.
> The point is that I am right now correcting the second edition of a book 
> I published late 2004 using scribus. It has 12 chapters, and more than 
> 150 picture captions, plus titles, subtitles, and the like, for a 
> grandtotal of more than 200 different texts.
> As I am reviewing the whole layout, I am copying text frame by text 
> frame and passing through oo for spell check and find/replace. But there 
> are always small corrections you need to do into scribus, for spacing or 
> designing purposes. As the text frames into scribus are not linked to an 
> external text file, to create this link you have to save back each time 
> you open the editor, and take care when you edit right into the frame. 
> Result : you most likely have a version difference between .sla text 
> frames and the .txt (or .rtf) backups.
Some of this sounds like a workflow issue -- maybe what you need to do 
is identify the errors outside of Scribus, but edit within Scribus. 
There is a search/replace function in Story Editor.
> I would like the possibility/option to link permanently texts frames 
> into scribus with external document that you could update/reload at 
> will. The availability of a spellcheck tool inside text editor would be 
> fine too. (I am working on books with different 2-3 languages)
Perhaps this will come someday -- something like a modified use of 
We might be able to figure out a script, starting with frameslist.py, 
that uses an outside spell check program.


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