[Scribus] RE: Maintaining text with scribus

Marc de Banville marc
Mon Jun 12 17:04:32 CEST 2006

Thanks Greg,

I am going to use it right now, hoping all my text frames start with 
"Text". The point is that I am looking for a kind of tool that would 
allow importing back the file into scribus once corrected, for instance.

The point is that I am right now correcting the second edition of a book 
I published late 2004 using scribus. It has 12 chapters, and more than 
150 picture captions, plus titles, subtitles, and the like, for a 
grandtotal of more than 200 different texts.

As I am reviewing the whole layout, I am copying text frame by text 
frame and passing through oo for spell check and find/replace. But there 
are always small corrections you need to do into scribus, for spacing or 
designing purposes. As the text frames into scribus are not linked to an 
external text file, to create this link you have to save back each time 
you open the editor, and take care when you edit right into the frame. 
Result : you most likely have a version difference between .sla text 
frames and the .txt (or .rtf) backups.

I would like the possibility/option to link permanently texts frames 
into scribus with external document that you could update/reload at 
will. The availability of a spellcheck tool inside text editor would be 
fine too. (I am working on books with different 2-3 languages)

Do you think there is any use for such a tool, because my need may be 
too specific.

Thanks again for framelist.py. I am going to test it right now.


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