[Scribus] Changing several frames size but not the text

tomacigale mouais.mouais
Fri Jun 9 08:51:33 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> tomacigale wrote:
>> Gregory Pittman wrote:
> (...)
>> Hi,
>> no, I don't want to group the frames, I just modify two or three at a
>> time
>> (for example : changing the row height in a table).
>> To reproduce the issue, follow these steps:
>> 1) Create two text frames (for exemple X:20 Y:20 W:20 H:20 and X:50 Y:20
>> W:20 H:20)
>> 2) type some text in the two frames
>> 3) select the frames ([click and drag] or [click and <shift key> +
>> click])
>> 4) Change H from 20 to 50.
>> 5) The text size has changed. (see picture attached)
> Hmm. It looks like this is some special kind of mode -- not sure what 
> the purpose of double-selecting frames is supposed to be. There may be 
> some malfunction in height adjustment, since I note that I can't even 
> adjust height with the mouse, but can adjust width.
> At any rate, to stop this nasty behavior, unlink the width:height in the 
> XYZ tab (the chain icon) -- that stopped it for me.
> Perhaps someone else on the list knows what shift-clicking is supposed 
> to do or be for...
> Greg
> (...)

Well, shift-clicking allows to add or remove an object to or from a
selection: you can use it anywhere (file selection in explorer, text
selection, block selection, item selection in a list) (check also
alt-clicking  - no use  in Scribus)

I've tried to adjust size of several blocks with the mouse: it works well!
(no text size change). Be careful to use the handles of the group when
several blocks are selected - not the handle of one of the blocks. 

I can't explain why the behaviour I expect is obtained with mouse adjustment
(no text change) but not with dimension change in properties panel (text
size follows the block size).
Enabling or not the dimension link does not remove the issue.

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