[Scribus] Trouble starting Mac version

Amy Lama mayl85
Tue Jun 6 22:58:01 CEST 2006

Andreas wrote:

> My advice: Hook your iBook to a power supply, start Scribus and leave 
> it
> until it finished scanning fonts. I'd say it should be done after 
> 30-60 min,
> but if your computer has to resort to virtual memory it might take even
> longer.
> Anyway, once it's done, close Scribus normally and start it again. It 
> should
> then start within 2 min.
Thank you for your advice! Yes, I just needed to be patient. I waited 
for 10-15 minutes this time, and it worked. I never know in today's 
world of super fast technology whether I just need to be patient when 
there's a longer than usual delay in a process, or whether I have a 
problem. I'm looking forward to using Scribus!


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