[Scribus] Inkscape and Gimp

momo momo
Fri Jun 2 15:12:16 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I'd like to apologize about the use of the word "ashamed", it is true that
it's not fair from my part, specially when talking about people that are
willing to donate their time and skills to develop open source software. I
am ashamed now because of that... sorry.

It's just that I am disapointed about GIMP, since it is one of the oldest
open source graphic software, and from its very beginning I (and many other
professional graphic designers) am waiting (maybe in vain) for a quality
alternative to Photoshop. Unfortunately with every new version of GIMP
coming out some new and usually useless functions (effects) were presented,
but no CMYK.
CMYK support is not even listed in the todo list, or in the upcoming Google
Summer of ?ode :(.

A graphic redactor lacking the CMYK color scheme is just not good, specially
when there is other alternative to GIMP on the unix/linux platforms.


Mourad Mokrane
Art director
Lumen Design Studio

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> Well, Gimp2 with the separate plugin produces quite good CMYK pictures.
> I previously had to work with Photoshop for CMYK conversion, and now I
> go directly through Gimp/separate. Do you think this method has drwbacks?
> I agree with Luois that "ashamed" is not a right term to use talking
> about open source developpers.
> Marc
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