[Scribus] CMR - international consignment note

Bogdan Malinowski bm
Thu Jul 27 11:26:46 CEST 2006

Hello everybody!
few days ago i was looking for CMR (international transport document) in  
PDF format but i couldnt find it. Soo - i decidet to create it using  
Scribus :-)
maybe somebody will use it :

i couldnt use 4 images in 4 colours (scribus at windows2k) - maybe somebody  
will fix this problem, all files are on this site.

secound problem is how to rotate text 90 degree?
thanks for help  and i hope somebody will need my work with this document.

Bogdan Malinowski
moje portfolio : http://portfolio.netstar.pl   .:.   GG#388255
bm at netstar.pl   .:.   gsm:+48607895470   .:.   tlen: malina79

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