[Scribus] Again: Tutorial

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Wed Jul 26 22:20:32 CEST 2006

Hi everybody,

It may have slipped through but of course the Tutorial and "Freedom Yug" 
*are* tightly tied together. Goes without saying, but goes saying it as 

Things have to be done accordingly. We are definitely going to end up 
with 2 different tutorials if we want both "Freedom Yug" and "Another 
One"... This is going to be confusing. Confuses me already...

So the wiki says:

* 1 Activities and Contributors
           o 1.1 Wiki structure for the GET STARTED tutorial
           o 1.2 Import of the original tutorial into the Wiki
           o 1.3 Updating of text content to 1.3.*
           o 1.4 New screenshots of Scribus 1.3.*
           o 1.5 Adding Wiki links to other Wiki articles and general 

Up til 1.5, all fine with me. Then, things get coarser...

Why recreate Freedom Yug... if we don't want it? (not my personnal 
opinion but I can live with this!)...

           o 1.6 Recreating Freedom Yug sample magazine in 1.3.* 
(original content)
           o 1.7 Variation of Freedom Yug sample magazine (changed content)

We have to determine what can be kept, and what cannot in this 
"variation"... We have quite a few clues from Greg's comments on what 
could easily become an issue in a classroom...

           o 1.8 Creation of an entirely new sample magazine (Rembrandt)

Yes, I thought this was the final consensus (so far!) But would we merge 
the two (this new part + the remainder of Freedom Yug)? And does that 
comply with the licence anyway? I mean, can we really do what we want 
with Freedom Yug (interesting question, I just realize!) and change an 
Elephant to a Tree? (This is a serious question, just in case it was 
taken for a joke!)

           o 1.9 Creation of an entirely new sample magazine (about 
Scribus community)

For this one, I missed the point. What was that again? Sorry, I must be 
getting old... and all these white hair are so heavy! :) Maybe it means 
just a page ...

And don't forget it has to relate with the Tutorial part of the whole 
thing... So, examples, measurements, menus, dialog boxes, etc. Not as 
simple as it seems and the Screenshots, BTW, have to be done with the 
proper measurements (if we keep the same approach...). This is lots of 
work, folks. We better be sure of what we do in the early stages!



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