[Scribus] Again: Tutorial

Thomas Zastrow listen
Wed Jul 26 22:19:20 CEST 2006

Christoph Sch?fer schrieb:

> I'd do the Rembrandt part. But please don't expect any results tomorrow -- the 
> heat caused some health problems for me :(

I know what you mean: Just this week, we had one student and a colleague 
who collapsed in his office, just from the heat ...  I wish you the best 
for your health.

And, certainly, thank you for the Rembrandt-tutorial, I'm anxious 
awaiting it!

> Anyway, I just started downloading the public domain files from wikipedia. 
> It'll take some days to hatch a nice design :)
> To prevent double efforts I suggest the Rembrandt thingy to become some kind 
> of an advertising publication (in a broad sense) with more "free" elements, 
> while the Scribus magazine could provide more structure.

Good idea.

>> Dependent ones:
>> Part 1:
>> Updating of text content to 1.3.*
>> New screenshots of Scribus 1.3.*
> I'd still prefer to cover 1.2.x as well. It's still the "official" version and 
> will probably continue to be widely used for some time.

>> Part 2:
>>  Import of the original tutorial into the Wiki
>> Adding Wiki links to other Wiki articles and general wikfisation
>> Part 3:
>> Recreating Freedom Yug sample magazine in 1.3.* (original content)
>> Variation of Freedom Yug sample magazine (changed content)
> Why's that? To have 3 tutorials? Personally, I'd prefer to see the only last 
> parts of the Freedom Yug tutorial (vector drawing, PDF forms, CM) 
> updated/adjusted.
That's again the question of pictures ....




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