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Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Wed Jul 26 20:17:16 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman a ?crit :

> Louis Desjardins wrote:
>>On the content, do we agree some pics are controversial, not text? 
>>Please refer to my previous post to Maciej.
> Well, we have the heading on the first page after the title page: Make 
> Khajuraho More Sexy. We talk about "the most stunning and erotic 
> sculptures" soon after. As I said to Maciej, it's not so much saying 
> this is flagrantly objectionable, but considering where the "fertile" 
> adolescent mind goes with this when the teacher distributes this in class.
> I think you have to try to look at this from the prospective of a 
> teacher in an American high school trying to focus on teaching 
> DTP/layout, having to potentially answer to an angry parent or the 
> school board about the "pornographic materials" he is using.  (And how 
> would a female teacher see this?) Something else perhaps a bit 
> controversial this year is a heading like "Guerrilla Warfare For Gyaan" 
> -- many in Mumbai would not see the humor or cleverness in this.
> There are also some cultural things that I do not understand, yet were I 
> presume OK for the original purpose. Software can be "muft and mukt". We 
> have the "Seven Steps to Software Samadhi" (check samadhi on Wikipedia), 
> and at least several of these seven steps do not seem to be talking 
> about the Linux we know today.
> So we end up saying to the teacher, "Well, use the tutorial for 
> yourself, then make your own using your own materials." If that were so 
> easy, many of us might have done the same already.
> In the end, what I'm saying is that we don't need to censor ourselves 
> and destroy this tutorial (or label it For Mature Audiences Only), but 
> we can in addition create a more broadly palatable one.

Yes. You've got very good points. I didn't remember all those titles. 
And actually, if I didn't, it must be because they did not hurt or 
strike me. Of course, one can be sensitive to the "fertile adolescent 
mind" ...

Really, I still think it is manageable but I am no expert and as I said, 
let's look at the long term effect... I realize the issue is a bit 
further important than just re-cropping a few pics and editing a title. 
To that point, let's leave this document like it is and let's make 
another one, like you say. That was version 1. Version 2 will be 
different. I have no problem with this approach.

One thing I would mention is the fact that we have concentrated our 
sight on what was "wrong" (in a general way) in that document, taking 
good care of more sensitive souls and this is all right. This is some 
kind of "active listening" and it always proves to be a good thing to 
do. At the same time, let's concentrate on what we like in this 
document. Niyam's content was all aimed towards the idea of "Freedom". 
This, I think, could (should, whatever!) drive us in our choice for 
something else. "Free minds" are not difficult to find in History. 
Rembrandt was certainly a "free minded person" (I hope!) What I liked 
also was the total different culture from the Occidentals... This is 
also a big part of Open Source. Sharing, showing other things and other 
ways of looking at things. I might sound a bit serious here but I am 
writing this with serenity! :) And this doesn't mean I am behind 
Rembrandt! :)

In the end, the content must meet the container like it did in version 1.

I am sure Christoph has interesting to mention about Rembrandt that will 
support this! :)

Thanks, Greg, for this wide angle overview!

> Greg

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