[Scribus] Again: Tutorial

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Jul 26 19:26:32 CEST 2006

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> On the content, do we agree some pics are controversial, not text? 
> Please refer to my previous post to Maciej.
Well, we have the heading on the first page after the title page: Make 
Khajuraho More Sexy. We talk about "the most stunning and erotic 
sculptures" soon after. As I said to Maciej, it's not so much saying 
this is flagrantly objectionable, but considering where the "fertile" 
adolescent mind goes with this when the teacher distributes this in class.

I think you have to try to look at this from the prospective of a 
teacher in an American high school trying to focus on teaching 
DTP/layout, having to potentially answer to an angry parent or the 
school board about the "pornographic materials" he is using.  (And how 
would a female teacher see this?) Something else perhaps a bit 
controversial this year is a heading like "Guerrilla Warfare For Gyaan" 
-- many in Mumbai would not see the humor or cleverness in this.

There are also some cultural things that I do not understand, yet were I 
presume OK for the original purpose. Software can be "muft and mukt". We 
have the "Seven Steps to Software Samadhi" (check samadhi on Wikipedia), 
and at least several of these seven steps do not seem to be talking 
about the Linux we know today.

So we end up saying to the teacher, "Well, use the tutorial for 
yourself, then make your own using your own materials." If that were so 
easy, many of us might have done the same already.

In the end, what I'm saying is that we don't need to censor ourselves 
and destroy this tutorial (or label it For Mature Audiences Only), but 
we can in addition create a more broadly palatable one.


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