[Scribus] Again: Tutorial

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Wed Jul 26 17:52:19 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman a ?crit :

> MaHan wrote:
>>Louis, please don't get me wrong -- I _love_ this
>>touch of exotism, the story and the included pictures.
>>The only reason why I'm asking for the new content is
>>quite simple: the target audience of the tutorial. I
>>would like to encourage more people to use this
>>tutorial. But some teachers may restrain from using it
>>in their classes, because they could be afraid of
>>being suited by angry parents, fired by their
>>schoolmasters, etc. Other people may restrain from
>>using it because of their cultural background or
>>religion -- in fact, I know of some priests and
>>seminary students using Scribus. All those countless
>>parish centers, non-profit organisations, schools
>>should be able to use those materials. That's while
>>I'm asking for the more neutral content.
> This is my thinking on this too -- I'm going to try to tackle at least 
> beginning to update the various images for Niyam's tutorial; it will 
> take some work since several things are done differently now.
> At the same time, we need a simpler tutorial, perhaps for example 
> leaving the color management features out to reduce complexity, and one 
> in which the content may be seen as less controversial.


Maybe we could have a short statement at the beginning of the Tutorial 
that would talk about the frame fundamentals in Scribus. Ever since I 
talked to beginners and start with this little explanation, the rest 
just goes real smooth. I remember my first day with XPress when all I 
wanted was to place text on my page. This was the number one thing! Draw 
a frame and use the get text menu and you are already laying out 
something! Something like showing the door.

We could re-organize the content a bit so that complex issues be dealt 
with further down the road, not in the first pages... Agree.

On the content, do we agree some pics are controversial, not text? 
Please refer to my previous post to Maciej.



> Greg

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