[Scribus] Again: Tutorial

MaHan ma_han2000
Wed Jul 26 17:13:34 CEST 2006

--- Louis Desjardins <louis_desjardins at mardigrafe.com>

> > Louis, please don't get me wrong -- I _love_ this
> > touch of exotism, the story and the included
> pictures.
> > The only reason why I'm asking for the new content
> is
> > quite simple: the target audience of the tutorial.
> I
> > would like to encourage more people to use this
> > tutorial. But some teachers may restrain from
> using it
> > in their classes, because they could be afraid of
> > being suited by angry parents, fired by their
> > schoolmasters, etc. Other people may restrain from
> > using it because of their cultural background or
> > religion -- in fact, I know of some priests and
> > seminary students using Scribus. All those
> countless
> > parish centers, non-profit organisations, schools
> > should be able to use those materials. That's
> while
> > I'm asking for the more neutral content. And the
> > growth of the Scribus project from one man show to
> 8
> > developers, twenty some translators, countless
> > contributors, bug trackers, wiki authors could
> make a
> > _great_ FOSS story too. Convinced?
> Well... this is art from centuries ago, carved
> stones... isn't it?
> But I am listening to your arguments.
> If we look at the long term goal, I wouldn't want
> the tutorial to be 
> left aside because of this. I guess it comes down to
> the smaller common 
> denominator or however it is called in English... If
> too many people are 
> reluctant to use this tutorial because of some pics,
> then it is better 
> to change them. Really, beside the front page
> picture and the title that 
> have ambiguous meaning (Strike A New Pose), does it
> matter to the point 
> we have to reinvent the whole content? I'd suggest
> we change the front 
> page pic (maybe a tight close-up on the face instead
> of the full image 
> would do it) and make the title unambiguous.
> If I recall well the text itself, the articles, were
> "neutral" in the 
> way you are saying. Am I wrong?

I would like to have another look at its other
pics/titles  at home, but I guess this definitely
could be a way to go:) The  text isn't controversial
at all. Good idea, Louis. Besides, I'm assuming this
is mutually agreed that we are going to cover the
1.3.* series with our update/enhancement.


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