[Scribus] Again: Tutorial

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Wed Jul 26 16:29:28 CEST 2006

MaHan a ?crit :

> --- Louis Desjardins <louis_desjardins at mardigrafe.com>
> wrote:
>>Could it be possible to keep track of the changes
>>(just by the paragraph 
>>headings would be fine) so I could rapidly maintain
>>the French 
>>translation of the tutorial. I did the translation
>>of the 1st version, 
>>back in 2004 and would like to keep it up-to-date.
> Is it already possible to keep track of the changes by
> clicking on the "History" tab, selecting article
> versions and displaying their modifications -- the
> Wiki engine does the whole work for us:)
> ---cut----
>>... but imho there is
>>>one thing you could start doing right now: you
>>>try to recreate the sample file (FreedomYug) in
>>>Scribus 1.3.* and replace it's content with other
>>>texts and pictures, while preserving its layout.
>>>I personally would prefer   Scribus community
>>>content, but there might be some better
>>>from the list. Greg, Christoph?
>>But, Maciej, wouldn't it better to keep this
>>"Freedom Yug" document in 
>>the state it was done and add to it instead? The
>>text is all about Open 
>>Source and the situation that prevails in small
>>villages in India if I 
>>remember well. I found that text to be interesting,
>>informative and with 
>>a touch of exotism for a North American, plus, it
>>was inspiring ? there 
>>is a lot of people out there that are not aware
>>(still) of FOSS! Can I 
>>say these 8 pages (or so) weren't the "tutorial" in
>>itself but a 
>>effective way to demonstrate the capabilities of
>>Scribus with the help 
>>of the tutorial? So, yes, the structure of it has to
>>do with the 
>>tutorial, but the content is Nyam's personnal touch.
>>If anything, I 
>>would keep it as it is and add new pages to show new
>>features if needed. 
>>The tutorial itself (the OO.o file) can (needs) of
>>course be edited 
>>thoroughly. Maybe you will have better ideas! I can
>>still be convinced. 
>>It's only my personnal view on this. :)
> Louis, please don't get me wrong -- I _love_ this
> touch of exotism, the story and the included pictures.
> The only reason why I'm asking for the new content is
> quite simple: the target audience of the tutorial. I
> would like to encourage more people to use this
> tutorial. But some teachers may restrain from using it
> in their classes, because they could be afraid of
> being suited by angry parents, fired by their
> schoolmasters, etc. Other people may restrain from
> using it because of their cultural background or
> religion -- in fact, I know of some priests and
> seminary students using Scribus. All those countless
> parish centers, non-profit organisations, schools
> should be able to use those materials. That's while
> I'm asking for the more neutral content. And the
> growth of the Scribus project from one man show to 8
> developers, twenty some translators, countless
> contributors, bug trackers, wiki authors could make a
> _great_ FOSS story too. Convinced?

Well... this is art from centuries ago, carved stones... isn't it?

But I am listening to your arguments.

If we look at the long term goal, I wouldn't want the tutorial to be 
left aside because of this. I guess it comes down to the smaller common 
denominator or however it is called in English... If too many people are 
reluctant to use this tutorial because of some pics, then it is better 
to change them. Really, beside the front page picture and the title that 
have ambiguous meaning (Strike A New Pose), does it matter to the point 
we have to reinvent the whole content? I'd suggest we change the front 
page pic (maybe a tight close-up on the face instead of the full image 
would do it) and make the title unambiguous.

If I recall well the text itself, the articles, were "neutral" in the 
way you are saying. Am I wrong?

Let's hear more, maybe.



> cheers
> Maciej

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