[Scribus] Improving Scribus Wiki (once again)

Brian Astill bastill
Wed Jul 26 14:54:41 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 26 July 2006 09:27, Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> The Wiki has a search engine, and, in case you read my last
> reply, there is one for the list as well. I also inserted
> "scribus-ng" into the "Search" field on www.scribus.net, and it
> lead me exactly to where you probably wanted to be.

So you succeeded where I failed?  I guess that's good.

I was using Opera9, and tested again that it would NOT search 
for "scribus-ng".  I have since tried Firefox (51/139), Epiphany, 
Konqueror and Dillo (all 42/118) all of which accepted a search 
on "scribus-ng", so my problem appears to be browser-based.

The numbers in brackets above are the positions of the articles in 
English in the list of articles the search produced 20 at a time.  
Note that I was NOT led to "exactly where I wanted to be".  The 
search did NOT put the articles containing "scribus-ng" at the 
head of the list as any of the search engines I have used would 
have done AND there was a variation in where the relevant 
articles were listed, which is odd.

Oh well, I now know to use a different browser for searching wiki, 
and to scroll repeatedly through the lists of 20 to see whether I 
can find an article with line number and my search text in red.

Of course, had I been looking for an Article whose title I already 
knew, the result would probably have been MOST satisfactory.  


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