[Scribus] Again: Tutorial

listen at thomas-zastrow.de listen
Wed Jul 26 10:38:53 CEST 2006

Hi friends,

sorry for that, but I wasn't able to follow and read all the "Why do?" - 
threads again ... so, perhaps it's a good idea to create a new 
"Tutorial"-thread which deals just with the tutorial-tasks.

Am I right that somebody will convert the tutorial into Wiki-pages (sorry, I 
don't find the thread again)? So, should I wait until this work is done? I 
would spent some time in new screenshots, enhancements etc.

Btw,. I don't know if it is senseful to keep a 1.2.x and a 1.3.x version: In 
some time the 1.2.x-one will be complete outdated ... ;-)



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