[Scribus] pdf/javascript copying between text-fields

MaHan ma_han2000
Wed Jul 26 12:06:09 CEST 2006

--- Bogdan Malinowski <bm at netstar.pl> wrote:

> Hello everybody!

Witaj Bogdan!

> (i use mailing list first time soo sorry if i do
> something wrong)
> i have little problem with Javascript in Scribus. i
> try to explain in  
> example:
> i have pdf document with 2 text-fields (field when
> user can input text and  
> then print). bought of them adre NAME of user. In
> normal procedure user  
> must input his name twice. My question: how to do
> this with JavaScript,  
> that once user input his name in first text-field,
> it will be copyieg to  
> secound text-field?

No need to use JavaScript in this case. Just assign
the same name, e.g. "username" to both fields (right
click on PDF text field/PDF Options/Field
properties/Name) and things should work as desired in
Adobe Reader.


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