[Scribus] Let's work people - was: Re:Why do?

Jean Basile jean.basile
Wed Jul 26 09:22:27 CEST 2006

--- Nicholas Vettese <nvettese at pdistributors.com> a
?crit :
> My guess is that many people do not feel that they
> need to learn anything, 
> and it should all be made super easy, with 1000
> templates to get them 
> started.  The problem is when you load those
> templates, you will still need 
> an understanding of how to customize them for your
> needs.

Excellent point Nicholas! And this is one way to put
it. Disgruntled users will always be for any piece of
written software that becomes public. Yet, in almost a
week, I could not see any clear formulated oppinion
against Scribus. I think Andreas went even so far to
ask for a hand-drawn diagram.

The solution is quite simple: 
1. you think the documentation is weak - it's ok,
nobody's perfect. Wikie is easy to lean. From that
point on you can contribute with any problem you
stumbled upon and which doesn't have a correspondent
in the actual documentation. Even more: write it
anyway even if it's a double and later on someone
maybe will merge the two documents.

2. you think the interface is not that good. That is
also ok. Use some graphic tool of your choice and make
a picture of the wanted interface. No, not hand drawn
as this isn't kindergarten. An actual version of the
interface for anyone to see so they can imagine and
come with improvements BEFORE the developers will take
it into consideration.

3. you don't like the tools... write an essay about
what you think it's missing, why it's missing and with
a CLEAR description of the tool. Wiki can be your
friend, as well as this list.

4. you feel there's a lack of friendliness for
quickstarters. That is true also. Luckily you do have
open clip art. But no easy to go, ready made
templates. I'm with you. I agree there have to be some
although I don't use them. Please please please - do
it yourself, double check it to be usable than show it
to the world.

Problems like
- Scribus is not friendly
- Scribus should be better
- Scribus should be more like something I used before
- Scribus lacks documentation
- Documentation is hard to find
and any other generic issue are just a waste of time
and a waste of bandwidth. And both are related to
money. So let's get richer by not wasting any of those



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