[Scribus] Why do?

BandiPat magicpage91
Wed Jul 26 02:48:55 CEST 2006

Nicholas Vettese wrote:
> I believe that the problem is that people want this software to be all 
> things to all people.  Many people, including myself are new to this 
> program, but like many other's, I have taken the time to understand the 
> program, and learn to use it.  Believe me, I am far from being called 
> anything but a super novice, and I know that many of the tasks I perform 
> could be handled better, but the fact is I just use it, and learn from it.
> My guess is that many people do not feel that they need to learn anything, 
> and it should all be made super easy, with 1000 templates to get them 
> started.  The problem is when you load those templates, you will still need 
> an understanding of how to customize them for your needs.
> Without trying to sound like I am attacking a certain group of people, I 
> feel that you need to spend time and learn the product you want to use.  I 
> knew nothing of Scribus when I started using it, and now I am creating 
> forms, flyers, coupons and more with it.  I use it on an almost daily basis, 
> and I love it.  I am no pro, and not even an intermediate.  I am a novice 
> user that likes to experiment and learn.
> Thanks,
> nick
No Nick, I don't think anyone here wants the software to be all things
to all people, but there's no reason it can't be simple and intuitive to
use and still be just as powerful to suit the greatest number of people.

It's not that people don't feel like they need to learn anything, but I
do think many forget how they got to that point and what things could
have been done to make it easier along the way.

If you use Linux, like many of us, then your last statement is a
natural.  We probably wouldn't use Linux if we didn't have the desire to
experiment & learn, probably even computers for that matter.


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