[Scribus] Several reasons why columns will stay per frame in Scribus; was: Why do?

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Wed Jul 26 02:39:05 CEST 2006

> Then put it under a different menu heading Greg, it's not rocket science
> you know.  Why is simplicity such a hard idea for most of you to grasp?

Why is the complexity of the task so hard to grasp?

> I'm baffled as to this type attitude, play by our rules or we'll take
> our ball and go home!

No it's the rules of the world out there, that Scribus has to conform with, 
like it or not. We are not talking about self created invitation cards here, 
but expensive publishing projects.

> Many of you guys seem to think your experience 
> with such things are over and above any other users and everybody must
> be just to stupid to grasp the concept of text frames.  Your thoughts &
> ideas couldn't be further from the truth.  You remind me a lot of the
> old early typesetter guys and companies.  I remember approaching them
> with the idea of electronic typesetting.  They literally ran us out of
> the shop!  Now it's the dominant form of typesetting, but you still have
> the same old archaic & antiquated ideas about how things should work.
> I'm disappointed.

I'd be interested in your innovative approaches. Haven't seen any of them yet. 
I'd be glad to read some of them.

> Matthew, MS Publisher?  Man what have you been smoking!  First of all, I
> would never use Windows to do anything like this and MS Publisher has
> got to be one of the worse DTP programs ever!

Good to hear.

> Benjamin, you depict exactly what I've been referring to all along.  Quote:
> "This is true if you want to get good results, you
> need a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience"
> Where do you guys come up with this stuff?

Because it's the truth.

> Where have you been hiding 
> out for the last few 10 years?

In the real world.

> Pat


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