[Scribus] Why do?

Brian Astill bastill
Wed Jul 26 01:56:54 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 26 July 2006 04:28, Craig Bradney wrote:
> They are real, but for other complete beginners, and I must say
> that that number is countless, Scribus is very easy to use.
> I've had so many people tell me how easy it is to pick up.

Don't be fooled, Craig!  :-)
I produced a decent-looking one page (two sides) newsletter with 
VERY little help from the documentation BUT it would have been SO 
much easier if (a) the docs were updated and (b) all info (docs, 
wiki, mail archives) had a good search engine.

> Let me say this very clearly, the Scribus team is open to any 
> reasonable suggestion (given the boundaries of time, technology
> and our internal plans).  We welcome discussions such as this
> but there are only so many hours in the day.

I'm sure we are all aware of this.  I feel somewhat guilty that I 
do not have the skills to help, but can only complain.  However, 
it seems that what I (we?) are asking is that priority be given 
to the help facilities which regretably do not seem to be 
sufficiently helpful and less - for the time being - on 

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