[Scribus] Several reasons why columns will stay per frame in Scribus; was: Why do?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Jul 25 19:10:05 CEST 2006

BandiPat wrote:
> We'll get into the details later, after I've had time to do a bit of
> research on some other things.  Simply add an entry to the menu under
> Insert.  Insert>Columns or Page Columns, however you want to distinguish
> it to make it clear for new and you old Scribus experts.
The basic problem with the suggestion is that columns are not inserted. 
They are a feature or modification of a text frame. If you cannot accept 
the concept of frames, your unhappiness will follow you every time you 
return to Scribus, so you either have to accept frames or stop coming back.


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