[Scribus] Several reasons why columns will stay per frame in Scribus; was: Why do?

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Tue Jul 25 15:37:35 CEST 2006

BandiPat a ?crit :

> Louis Desjardins wrote:
>>>We'll get into the details later, after I've had time to do a bit of
>>>research on some other things.  Simply add an entry to the menu under
>>>Insert.  Insert>Columns or Page Columns, however you want to distinguish
>>>it to make it clear for new and you old Scribus experts.  Experts,
>>>that's funny.  (insert a Beavis & Butthead laugh here) A window pops
>>>open.  How many columns, much like you have now for the text frame
>>>columns, how much gap, linked?  It doesn't require much, because once
>>>they're placed on the page, the Properties box takes over for other
>>>automatic controls.  Otherwise, the user can link them, unlink them,
>>>move them, adjust them to their liking or need.
>>Please refer again to the "New Document" dialog. Most of what you say is 
>>missing is there already.
>>? A window pops open. How many columns, how much gap, linked? ?
>>I know for sure, as I said in my previous post, that this feature could 
>>be enhanced (and this is already on the bug tracker) by Master Pages 
>>that would allow for more flexibility, including more options on linking 
>>to current text chain.
>>I really wonder what is so wrong (hard to learn, unintuitive, difficult) 
>>in the way it is, that it has to be thought all over again? Can't it 
>>just be enhanced?
> You are wrong Louis.  It's not there and why do I want to start a new
> page each time just to get columns I can't use like I want too?  Another
> thing, since you brought it up, I didn't, as I suspect many here didn't
> or still don't know, the text frame columns were there until someone
> mentioned it!  How intuitive is that?  I looked that window over, but
> didn't see it!  Is it because of the naming of the feature?  Was it
> because it was ghosted out?  But even if I had found it, I would have
> thought it still wasn't working because it doesn't give me the result I
> expected.

Then, I am sorry, I don't understand what it is you are missing. I wish 
I could understand. Can you make a simple sketch ? no complicated 
software :) just pencil and paper, then scan and send this over to us ? 
so we can get the full taste of what you are asking for.

As for the columns settings in a text frame, once you know where it is, 
is it allright?

The one point you raise and I don't get is "it doesn't give me the 
result I expected". What are they that this feature can't do?

> If they can enhance that area for Page columns also, I think that would
> be nice, but a user should be able to add anything to their pages after
> they've been created without having to start a new page or document
> too.  That's why I think an addition should be added to the menu.

The page menu allows to duplicate an existing page.

Maybe one good thing would be you show us a few typical pages of the 
document you wish to layout. We could then figure out how it should be 
done the fastest way using the feature already implemented. At this 
point you could explain exactly what is (are) your issue (s) and what 
feature is so badly missing.

At the moment, it is difficult to give hints or help on such a vague issue.

As Craig points it, now is time to write. With the same sense of humour 
you answered about the software to use, I'd say first don't use 
software, use your brain. No hard feelings. Joking! :)


> Pat

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