[Scribus] Improving Scribus Wiki (once again)

MaHan ma_han2000
Tue Jul 25 16:35:18 CEST 2006

--- Brian Astill <bastill at adam.com.au> wrote:

> On Sunday 23 July 2006 23:39, Christoph Sch?fer
> wrote:
> > I strongly suggest you try to read at
> > least some of the documentation on
> docs.scribus.net and
> > wiki.scribus.net.
> Look, that sounds like such sensible advice - but I
> found the wiki 
> quite unfathomable and the docs were neither
> comprehensible nor 
> searchable using terms simple souls like me
> understand.

Brian, please let me hear your suggestions to improve
Scribus Wiki's usability. What do you miss?

> For example, I looked in the mailing list archive
> (which doesn't 
> appear to be searchable) for a thread/message about
> scribus-ng.  
> I looked in the wiki and in FAQs and docs. Two
> fruitless hours 
> later, I took a wild guess that scribus-ng would NOT
> overwrite 

Is this doc really so hard to find:

or this one:

Both articles state:
"...scribus-ng package can be installed in parallel
with the scribus package..."

Besides, Scribus Wiki won't and can't replace a
regular Scribus manual, it's merely just a collection
of howtos, tips, and tricks which have been
contributed by Scribus _users_. There are rougly 20
frequent (including Christoph and Greg) and some more
occasional contributors. 


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