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BandiPat magicpage91
Tue Jul 25 03:11:32 CEST 2006

Craig Ringer wrote:
> Craig Bradney wrote:
>> Yes.. like.. command backspace is somehow related to delete when wanting to 
>> delete a file in finder. The trash is a pretty icon but slow.. now, just 
>> imagine they thought to use the "delete" key for deleting a file, now 
>> wouldn't that be clever!
> Like the poor support for context menus, that's a historical artifact. 
> Apple pushed for *years* (may still be pushing) for keyboards with no 
> key pad, no delete key, etc. That's why they label backspace "delete" 
> ... they didn't have a delete key.
> Since backspace is used when renaming files, one wouldn't want to 
> accidentally move one to the trash instead of remove a char from its 
> name. So they decided to use command backspace.
> Once again, it all comes down to the hardware decisions. Like the 
> `Eject' key that's been appearing and vanishing off Apple keyboards for 
> years, depending on whether or not they feel like blocking the 
> floppy/CD-ROM eject button today.
> Anyway, I like your original post. A good point well made and mostly 
> missed I fear.
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> Craig Ringer
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Your descriptions of the Apple have caused me to remember things from
the earlier Macs.  There use to be a joke about why you didn't see many
Mac users on IRC and chat areas.  Because they had to type.  :-)

Doesn't sound like they have gotten away from that too much, from what
you guys have described.

An Intel Mac?!?  Craig, what were you thinking?


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