[Scribus] RE : Xara

frank gaude' tanzen
Mon Jul 24 20:24:25 CEST 2006

Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> Hhhm, I'm not sure what I should think about Xara ... it's a great app, 
> I like it, but I don't know *if* it would be ready sometimes ... perhaps 
> in the same year as the HURD ...??
I don't see why you say that, Tom. Look at what these folks have 
achieved in six months... and the program does many things that others 
don't do right now. What's left? Clean up the printing, and what they 
can export/import. They save/import GIF, PNG, EPS, and JPG now. Soon PDF 
and SVG. It's still a single or double-page layout program, but just see 
what it can do with feathering, beveling, contouring, blending, molding 
with type, frames, pictures. All the things I thought at first they 
couldn't do in Linux because others haven't done so, but they have done 
it. They will be releasing version 0.7 soon, with 1.0 having more 
features than the present Windows version. I see new innovations coming 
by the combining of their Windows and Linux talents.

The color handling is as good if not better than anything I've seen, and 
nothing can compare to its speed and ease of use.

If this is off topic, sorry.


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