[Scribus] RE : Xara

Thomas Zastrow listen
Mon Jul 24 20:39:45 CEST 2006

MaHan schrieb:
> --- Thomas Zastrow <listen at thomas-zastrow.de> wrote:
>> Hhhm, I'm not sure what I should think about Xara
>> ... it's a great app, 
>> I like it, but I don't know *if* it would be ready
>> sometimes ... perhaps 
>> in the same year as the HURD ...??
> Thomas, you can't be serious on this, or you really
> missed something. Xara's devs are unusually fast and
> furious:
Sorry, I don't want to offend anybody.

I follow the development sporadic and I see that it goes further a lot.

But also, I see that there is a lot of functionality still missing ... 
the complete text-engine, simple PS-export and so on. I think it needs 
some time until it will be usefull, and also the Inkscape-development 
goes on ... ;-)




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