[Scribus] Why do?

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Jul 23 17:48:41 CEST 2006

BandiPat wrote:

> es, I looked at the
> Properties box, found the columns under the shape tab.  This of course
> doesn't show up until you have created a text frame, why?  Shouldn't I
> have, in the menu, a selection to create columns on a blank page with no
> text frames?

There's no "page background" in Scribus like in a word processor. 
Automatic text frames offer a way to do automatic creation of a default 
frame on a page (admittedly limited, but being improved).

> Once the columns are specified, either in a new page setup
> or from a new text frame using the Properties box, where the heck are my
> columns?  That's right, hidden somewhere deep in that text frame with
> only slight indicators in the ruler of their existence and that's if you
> have the text tool selected!

It'd be good to draw a paler dotted outline for them within the main 
frame (also helping show col margins etc). I actually thought 1.3.x did 
this but I've kinda broken my copy (win32) so I can't check right now.

> How intuitive is that?  Not very and I've been around the block a few
> times with DTP programs, but I digress.  Where's my control over the
> columns now?  Why can't I start text in the second column before I fill
> up the first?   Why can't I move my columns separately or adjust their
> size independently of each other?

All those things can be done ... you just make separate frames. Frames 
with columns have those columns automatically linked. Maybe it'd be good 
to change that, or offer an easier way to create groups of frames in 

Please describe _in_ _detail_ how you think it should work. Good, clear, 
constructive ideas are always welcome, though obviously not necessarily 
implemented. (Especially by me, I've been doing very little Scribus 
coding lately).

> Where's my user control of
> typesetting?  That's what DTP is all about, control.  Control of text,
> images, arrangement, flow, etc. etc.  Having the Properties box open
> allows some of that, but most new users don't know about that.

It's well documented and not hard to find. Right click -> properties. 
It's a common UI convention too, though it might throw mac users (then 
again, they can find it in the menus). The current layout and function 
of the properties palette could be better, but it does its job pretty well.

How would YOU fit all that functionality into the main UI without 
turning it into an MS-office like maze of toolbars and menus? Please 
describe ... if there's really a way to get rid of that palette and 
improve the UI by doing so I'd love to hear how.

> Should
> it be opened when the program starts or should that control be
> integrated into the menu or a floating tool box always opened?

Yeah, it probably should default to open on first launch.

Craig Ringer

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