[Scribus] Why do?

BandiPat magicpage91
Sun Jul 23 17:37:14 CEST 2006

Riku Leino wrote:
> On 7/23/06, *BandiPat* <magicpage91 at earthlink.net
> <mailto:magicpage91 at earthlink.net>> wrote:
>     Even if you were able to create two from there, what bloody control do
>     you have with them in the main window?!?  There is no mention of
>     columns
>     or anything related in the menus of the main window!  What the
>     heck were
>     you developers thinking about with all this?
> Please behave and go to your properties palette's shape tab.

I'm not trying to misbehave, believe me.  I just think total frustration
has set in trying to figure out simple things like columns, cutting &
pasting and line spacing to mention a few.  Yes, I looked at the
Properties box, found the columns under the shape tab.  This of course
doesn't show up until you have created a text frame, why?  Shouldn't I
have, in the menu, a selection to create columns on a blank page with no
text frames?  Once the columns are specified, either in a new page setup
or from a new text frame using the Properties box, where the heck are my
columns?  That's right, hidden somewhere deep in that text frame with
only slight indicators in the ruler of their existence and that's if you
have the text tool selected!

How intuitive is that?  Not very and I've been around the block a few
times with DTP programs, but I digress.  Where's my control over the
columns now?  Why can't I start text in the second column before I fill
up the first?  Why can't I move my columns separately or adjust their
size independently of each other?  Where's my user control of
typesetting?  That's what DTP is all about, control.  Control of text,
images, arrangement, flow, etc. etc.  Having the Properties box open
allows some of that, but most new users don't know about that.  Should
it be opened when the program starts or should that control be
integrated into the menu or a floating tool box always opened?  I admit,
I'm looking at the program with some renewed interest and a fresh view
as many of you should as well, then you might not overlook things that
need attention.


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