[Scribus] I'm puzzled

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sat Jul 22 09:38:31 CEST 2006

Brian Astill schrieb:
> On Saturday 22 July 2006 10:32, BandiPat wrote:
>> -----------------
>> Yes, it sounds like a bug to me also, because it should be a
>> simple matter to cut & paste from anywhere in Scribus to any
>> other part of Scribus.  The cut or copied text did not even
>> appear in the Klipper. Version
> Hmm..  I'm using 1.2.5 in Ubuntu Dapper, so maybe in Suze 
> 10.1 is peculiar?  I wouldn't consider a cut and paste as you 
> wish to do.  I would use the Scrapbook, moving the text file into 
> it, then copying it out to the new location, or just move the 
> frame and contents from p1 to p2 (or wherever).  Don't either of 
> these work?
I'm working with under Suse 10.1, I noticed no problems with cut 
& paste so far.

Perhaps you can give a more detailed description, so that I can try to 
reproduce it?




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